Things we learned from Super Bowl XLVII (including some things we probably already knew!)


February 10, 2013 by ussportsfanuk

Last week we saw the Baltimore Ravens hold off a spirited fight back from the San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl XLVII 34-31 in another excellent Super Bowl, despite it looking for a while like it may be a blowout.

As well as deciding the NFL Champions, the game also helped to answer a few of the following questions that came up in the build up to the big game.

Was now the right time for Ray Lewis to retire?

Probably yes. There is no doubt that Lewis is still a good LB but he is undoubtedly, and understandably given his long career, a lesser player than he was. This was evident from the 49ers actually targeting Lewis with the passing game by trying to get him into one on one matchups with TE Vernon Davis. In the past, teams went nowhere near Lewis. The other reason it was the right time is because he can now retire as a Super Bowl winner again. A great way to round off his amazing career.

Is Randy Moss the greatest WR receiver (because he thinks he is)?

Absolutely not. In the big game, when the top players step up, Moss didn’t. He only had 2 catches for 41 yards and no Touchdowns and, at times, he appeared to give up on plays. On the 49ers interception Moss made no attempt at the ball. Yes it was not a good throw that was too high for him, but he simply didn’t try to get to the ball which could have at least stopped the interception. He also lacked effort in fighting for the ball on another play which could have led to another interception. Moss has the natural tools to be the best WR, more height and speed than the actual greatest WR Jerry Rice, but he doesn’t put in the effort, doesn’t play for his team mates and doesn’t show up when it matters, all of which Rice did, and more.

Is Joe Flacco now a top NFL QB?

Well after becoming the MVP you have to say yes. Flacco had been fantastic throughout the playoffs. Completing difficult long passes, not throwing any interceptions and leading his team to comeback wins. The big test came though from how he would handle the pressure of the Super Bowl. Well he stepped up and was excellent again completing 22 of 33 passes for 287 yards and 3 touchdowns. Again he didn’t throw an interception. He looked calm and composed, even when the 49ers were coming back and deservedly won the MVP honour.

Is his opposing QB from the Super Bowl Colin Kaepernick for real?

Again the answer is yes. Similar to Flacco, Kaepernick had performed throughout the playoffs and the Super Bowl was his big test. He perhaps started slowly but really stepped up and nearly helped the 49ers complete an unbeleivable comeback. He finished completing 16 of 28 passes for 302 yards and a touchdown. Yes he threw an interception but he seemed to play better after that and that was perhaps the most impressive thing about his performance. He of course also rushed for a further 62 yards and a touchdown. Kaepernick really does look like he could be a star in the NFL for years to come.

Finally, one more answer that came up from events within the Super Bowl is that long delays in the middle of the game due to blackouts are definitely not good. Yes it helped the 49ers get themselves together and make the game competitive but waiting around was no fun for anyone!

Overall it was another excellent game though and it is great that the Super Bowls have been so close so often in recent years!


3 thoughts on “Things we learned from Super Bowl XLVII (including some things we probably already knew!)

  1. The Sports Central says:

    I agree with all you’ve said here. However, Flacco needs more consistency throughout the year to be one of the “greats” in my opinion. Lewis’ time was up, it was time for him to retire. Moss is by no standard the greatest receiver to ever play! I’d give that to perhaps Jerry Rice…

    Thx for following me! Take care, Jay

    • Thanks for for following my blog!

      Yeah I agree about Flacco, looked great in the playoffs and will be interesting to see what he is like next season. You’re absolutely right about both Lewis and Moss.

      No problem about following your blog, I’ve had a read and like the articles, look forward to reading more.

      • The Sports Central says:

        We’ll see about Flacco’s new contract and if he’s happy with that. More importantly, we’ll see if the Ravens are happy with his progress!

        Thanks for the follow and the kind words! I’ll check in on you too! ~Jay~

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